8 Tips For Growing Your Faith During Everyday Motherhood


How can I increase my faith during everyday motherhood?

Motherhood can leave even the strongest mother stretched thin. Many days it seems there’s just not enough hours in the day to get everything done.

When you finally have a moment of peace, so often the desire to ‘shut off’ your brain and emotions becomes strong.

Sure, my kids might be in bed at a reasonable hour and the chores finished up (well, finished enough), leaving me with time before I go to bed to do something productive. But the desire to just breath can be strong and I find reading the Bible or going deep in prayer isn’t at the top of my priority list.

How can we make building faith and focusing on our relationship with God a priority during the everyday demands of motherhood?

It takes intention, but you might be surprised how easy it is to make small changes to your everyday routine and make building faith a priority.

8 Tips For Growing Faith During Everyday Motherhood

The best way to build faith is to be in the Bible daily and making prayer a regular part of your day. Easy, right?

In theory, it’s super easy. However, with the chaos of motherhood it’s easy to let both get pushed off to ‘later’ if we’re not intentional about designating time. We all know that sometimes later never comes.
These tips can help you be more intentional about building your faith:

#1: Start Your Day With The Word

It’s great if you’re able to spend time in the Word before your kids wake. However, if you’re in a season where rest is unpredictable and you can’t simply set an alarm before your children typically wake you can still find a way to start your day in the Word.

While the Bible is helpful at any and every hour, starting your day off with the Word can help you set the tone for your day. When you begin the day with a reminder of God’s love and what we’re called to do, it can help you be more intentional about your actions, words and love towards those around you.

If you can pull your Bible out and spend 20 minutes or even an hour reading and meditating, that’s amazing and definitely something you should do. If you’re in the midst of early motherhood, long work hours, etc. it’s okay to start however you can.

Sign up for a daily Bible verse to be spent, find an app to help you read while feeding that newborn or just grab your Bible and open it up for a few minutes before hopping out of bed.

Cause me to hear Your lovingkindness in the morning,
For in You do I trust;
Cause me to know the way in which I should walk,
For I lift up my soul to You. – Psalm 143: 8

#2: Use A Devotional To Grow Faith During Everyday Motherhood

There is no better way to be in the Word than sitting with your Bible. A devotional shouldn’t replace your Bible, but it can be a helpful tool for being intentional about building your faith and learning more about the Bible.

Often, time in the Bible begets more time in the Bible. When you feed your faith you want more and more time with the Lord. A short devotional can be a great way to increase your drive to stay in the Word.

The Busy Mom’s Guide To Growing In Biblical Faith in 30 Days and The Busy Mom’s Guide To Biblical Mindfulness in 30 Days can help you jump back into regular time in the Word.

#3: Use A Prayer Journal

Perhaps it’s just me, but my multitasking mind can make being focused on prayer difficult when I’m overwhelmed by motherhood.

Using a prayer journal and writing down my prayers, verses I’m focusing on and answers to prayer can help me stay focused and be more intentional about my prayer life.

The amazing thing about having a personal relationship with God is that we can seek Him at any moment. We needn’t always be on our knees at an alter to seek Him, we can pray at any moment. A prayer journal doesn’t inherently change your prayer life, it’s just a tool to help you focus.

When we’re going through a particularly difficult time, sometimes looking back and seeing His faithfulness in past answered prayers can help revive our faith.

#4: Pray Without Ceasing Throughout The Day

We pray before meals. We pray before bed. We pray before a big event. But do you talk with God as you drive in the car? Do you seek His wisdom as you make everyday parenting choices? Do you pray out loud with your children when they have fears or concerns?

We can pray at any moment and He hears us. Being on your knees wholly focused on Him can be a vital part of our faith. However, staying in constant conversation with Him throughout our day is an important part of building our personal relationship with Him.

With the death and resurrection of Jesus the veil was torn. We can approach God at anytime. The novelty of this can wear off in our busyness, but when we truly remember we serve the God of the universe who hears our every prayer, we should be running to Him constantly. What a privilege that we can simply approach Him.

Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, 18 in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. – 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

#5: Teach Your Children The Word – It Will Help Grow Your Faith During Everyday Motherhood

Taking time to teach your children about God through the Bible has obvious benefits for them. However, it can also be a way to build your own faith. Seeing faith through children’s eyes can be incredibly encouraging.

Hearing your child repeat His Word has a special sound and can touch you on even the most challenging days. Teaching them verses also means meditating on those verses as you teach them. His Word never returns void, so any time you spend in it will be beneficial.

Train up a child in the way he should go,
And when he is old he will not depart from it. – Proverbs 22:6

#6: Pray As A Family

In our house, it was always standard to pray as a family at meal time. Perhaps holidays and such also garnered family prayer.

Years ago, I found our daily commute to school to feel wasteful. Certainly making sure my children got to a wonderful school wasn’t wasteful, but it felt like we spent so much time in the car. A friend mentioned they used their commute to do devotionals.

My children were younger, and I didn’t feel like I could keep up with a devotion during the morning rush. So we did the best we could, we used the time to pray. It turned out our best was truly a best. Prayer is always good!

Every morning we all take turns praying in the car. It’s become so normal that we didn’t have to teach our younger children about it. As soon as they learned to talk, they jumped right into participating. We set a norm of praying together before we separate for the day. We set a norm of seeking God early in our day which has a way of calming the morning rush.

Every family’s day looks different but finding a time to pray together can be a simple way to build your faith and that of your children.

#7: Take Time To Worship God

If we keep worship restricted to a Sunday or midweek service, in the grand scheme of our lives that’s very little time in worship.

Finding ways to incorporate worship throughout your day is great for growing your faith during everyday motherhood.

It’s also great for your mood. It’s hard to be short tempered while singing praise to God. Spending time in worship reminds us God is listening and prepares our hearts to be ministered to by Him.

I tend to prefer quiet at home so I’m not great about having worship music playing throughout the day in my house. I happen to spend quite a bit of time in my car, however, and have made it a place of worship. It’s rare that anything except Christian music is playing in my car. It’s a helpful way to reset my heart before interacting with people. It’s a simple way to increase the time I spend in worship and fellowship with God.

#8: End The Day Praying With Or For Your Spouse

It might seem odd to hear I’m a rather private person considering I write for multiple websites and have written a couple books. However, I can be quite introverted, even within my marriage. Opening up to my spouse during prayer doesn’t always come naturally. However, it is always worth the effort and risk.

In the spirit of honesty, this is an area I can work on. I still included it on this list, even though it’s not my strong suit, because when I do it, it is always beneficial. It helps our marriage and our walk with the Lord. It’s a way to connect after being apart for much of the day. It’s a way to make sure our marriage includes God.

Not quite ready to pray with your spouse? Or perhaps your spouse is unwilling? Use the time to pray for them. Prayers for each other never return void. And if you’re struggling to be the best partner you can be, prayer is a wonderful way to work in your heart. We all have moments in marriage that can be rocky, prayer is a great way to work through them.

This Christian walk is a marathon, not a sprint. We should always be pressing forward and making our faith a priority. However, as humans we’re all susceptible to distractions in our busy lives. Little changes and a lot of intention can help you continue forward regardless of what your current situation is.

Feeling Lost And Having Trouble Finding Faith?

This Christian walk isn’t always easy. We live in a broken world where sin wreaks havoc which means we all have seasons where God seems far. We have seasons where we feel lost and aren’t sure how to deepen our faith.

If you’ve read through this post and you’re thinking it sounds like too much, be sure to check out How Do You Find Faith When You Feel Lost?

6 thoughts on “8 Tips For Growing Your Faith During Everyday Motherhood

  1. Beautiful post! I really like the idea of a prayer journal and teaching your children to pray. Family prayer is a great way to teach children and let them learn how to lead a prayer. And it can help keep you involved with the struggles that those in your family may be going through that you don’t know about. Great post!

  2. “While the Bible is helpful at any and every hour, starting your day off with the Word can help you set the tone for your day. ”
    This is so true. I used to start my day off reading my Bible, but lately, it’s been at the end of the day. One of my goals is to get back in the routine at the beginning of my day.

    1. I struggle with starting my day in the Word sometimes as well. I definitely notice when I don’t, my days a little more challenging.

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