4 Christian Books To Help Your Walk

Christian books

Are Christian books beneficial for your faith?

As a believer, it’s important to spend time just in the Word. You should go directly to God’s Word and familiarize yourself with it.

Another part of growing, is seeking Biblical direction from other believers. People who write biblically sound devotionals and books can also be a way to stay on course in growing your faith. The Bible should clearly be the most important book in your life, but these other books can play a role as well.

There are times we can glean from people who are walking similar walks. We can learn from people sharing what scripture has done in their lives. We can follow the example of other believers, so long as the guide to their life is the Bible.

Before having my daughter, I found myself on hospital bedrest. Unexpected medical emergencies, especially when it feels like a life is hanging in the balance, can certainly make you question faith.

I was fortunate to have friends, pastors and family try to pour truth into my life during that time. One way they poured truth was by gifting books, books which were Biblically sound.

To be transparent, I didn’t read them while hospitalized. I was tired, scared and exhausted. In hindsight, once I had read them, I wished I had read them during one of my bigger trials.


4 Christian Books To Help Your Walk

Again, the most important book to your walk is the Bible. No other book, compilation of excerpts, or blog posts can replace getting fed directly from the Bible.

In addition to the Bible, I’ve found the following books helpful:


#1: The Pursuit of God by A.W. Tozer

the pursuit of God a.w. Tozer
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One thing that surprised me by this book and a few others below is the timelessness of the topics discussed. Yes, culture shifts and changes constantly, but the root of our spiritual challenges is the same generation after generation.

While I was gifted this book during hospitalization, I did not get past the first couple chapters until life’s next trial hit. As I finished the book, in His perfect timing life’s next growth opportunity hit.

I still remember the call, the hope and the excitement. Little did I know then, one of my greatest gifts would bring my greatest grief. Yet, through this, I pursued Him even more and saw His perfect eternal work through the grief.

I won’t say this book made death and grief easier, but I will say that it helped me keep my eyes on Him. It set the ground work so that when my greatest gift became my greatest grief, I was able to trust His eternal plans were greater than my earthly desires.

This book explains character attributes and truth of God. It’s a reminder that God is who He says He is. It gave clear understanding of how and why we need to continually pursue God and focus on our relationship with Him.


#2: Susie by Ray Rhodes, Jr

susie spurgeon
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Many of us are familiar with the teaching and writing of Charles Spurgeon. What I wasn’t familiar with was the amazing life and work of his wife, Susie.

As someone who has struggled with chronic illness and pain, I found the detailed accounts of the struggles the Spurgeons faced to be encouraging. Despite being bedridden at times, Susie managed to run an entire literary ministry for pastors from her home by providing a variety of Christian books to them at no cost. She did not allow life’s challenges to keep her from the Lord’s work.

She was also an example of a Biblical wife, mother and woman. She encouraged Spurgeon through grief and supported his ministry even when it meant separation. She trusted the Lord’s calling on Spurgeon’s life, on her sons’ lives, on her life.

The beginning of the book does go into deep detail about their history and culture of the time, which if you’re not into history like some, it may not start off as your favorite book. However, it truly sets the ground work to understand her amazing life.

I highly recommend this book if you’re a wife, mother or especially if you’re someone who struggles with chronic illness, pain and mental health. No matter the state of the Spurgeons broken earthly bodies, they continued about the Lord’s work. This book doesn’t sugar coat their struggles either, it shows their humanness. A great example that the Lord isn’t seeking perfect people, simply people willing to go about His work.


#3: The Busy Mom’s Guide To Growing In Biblical Faith In 30 Days by Maria Pyanov

biblical faith
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Yes, shameless plug for my devotional. But here’s the thing, writing this book and then going through it with a group of friends was truly beneficial to my walk. I am not equipped to guide anyone in faith. However, the Bible is always equipped to guide in faith. For this reason, with scripture, I and other believers can guide each other through this Christian walk.

Ideally, we would all spend plenty of time each day deep in the Word. If we did, we would all certainly have better walks steeped in peace which passes all earthly understanding.

However, in our humanness we allow life’s distractions, grief and heartache to keep us from hours in His word. Using devotionals, other Christian books and fellowship are tools to help guide us back to regular time in the Word. Discussion and sharing can be used to learn about practical life application and encouraging each other through difficulties.

As iron sharpens iron,
So a man sharpens the countenance of his friend. – Proverbs 27:17


#4: My Daily Pursuit by A.W. Tozer

my daily pursuit a.w. tozer
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Spending time in the Word is extremely important. However, at times it helps having Christian books which continually point you back to scripture.

This timeless devotional encourages you to focus on and build your personal relationship with God. It does so through scripture, guiding you to get back into the Word to stay in fellowship with Him. It’s easy to focus on the circumstances right in front of you. It’s much harder to focus on eternity without constantly pursuing it.

My Daily Pursuit is an excellent guide to help you be intentional about pursuing God. On days I struggle to be intentional about prayer and scripture, I find this book pushes me to do what I know I should, pursue God.

The examples Tozer uses is a clear reminder of how timeless scripture truly is in our lives. The distractions and temptations of today may vary, but the root heart issues remain the same. The solution also remains the same, keeping your eyes on God.

christian books

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7 thoughts on “4 Christian Books To Help Your Walk

  1. As always, thank you for sharing! I have Maria Pyanov’s The Busy Mom’s Guide To Growing In Biblical Faith In 30 Days on my list. I intend to be pick it up this weekend! I’ll be sure to let you know what I think of it!

    1. Wonderful, please do let me know. I always enjoy feedback. Looking forward to checking out your blog, womanwifemom – if that’s not fitting for me, not sure what is 🙂

  2. Hi, this is Ray Rhodes, author of “Susie.” Thank you for posting about Susie on your blog. I appreciate it and I am delighted that Susie’s story was encouraging to you in your own battle with pain. I just got home from leading a ladies conference in Texas concerning how Susie learned to lean on the strength of Christ in her suffering. She is an example to us all in that regard. I am presently working on a follow up book for Moody, “Spurgeon in Love” slated for Feb, 2021.

    Please let me know if I can ever be of help to your family or church. Thanks again! Ray

    1. Ray Rhodes, thank you so much for reaching out! “Susie” was an excellent read and I do hope anyone who stumbles upon this blog takes time to read your book. I truly enjoyed it and there was plenty to glean from it.

      I will be watching for your next book, can’t wait to read it! I’m in the greater Philadelphia area and if you ever do a conference in the area, would love to see it. Thanks and God bless!

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