Infant & Pregnancy Loss, and Infertility

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Maria is mom to five living children, seven little ones she never got to hold, and one special boy she held for almost two months. She’s a birth, parenting and faith writer who also hopes her writing can be used to support fellow bereaved parents.

She’s determined to end stigmas related to female reproductive health, loss and fertility difficulties.

On this page you can find the articles she’s written for Still Standing Magazine.

Still Standing is a publication for bereaved parents as well as those facing infertility. Maria hopes to help fellow bereaved parents know they are not alone in their journey.

She hopes parents facing infertility, pregnancy loss and general reproductive health concerns understand the stigmas shouldn’t exist.

Still Standing Articles

What If My Miracle - Is Simply Surviving? | Still Standing Magazine
You weren’t given less because you weren’t worthy. I don’t know why your miracle isn’t the feel-good one, but I know you matter and you’re loved.

What It Means To Never Have Your Family Whole | Still Standing Magazine
My family will never be whole earthside. I will never have all ten beings that came into my life sitting next to each other.

What Grief Does To Us | Still Standing Magazine
Grief will let you fall for the weird fertility world mix of genuine medical care and sales pitch. It'll make you believe it WILL be worth it.

Our Families Aren't Supposed To Shrink | Still Standing Magazine
Families are meant to grow. They’re not meant to shrink. Yet this imperfect world allows for shrinking families. It allows for broken hearts.

Grief Can't Have It All | Still Standing Magazine
Living with grief is to accept its existence. It’s to acknowledge that you will always grieve because you will always love.

7 Things Everyone Needs To Know About Miscarriage | Still Standing Magazine
I know my loss would have been easier if I knew what to expect. I know that it's is easier with empathy. I know seven things all loss mamas wish were known:

The Straw That Breaks The Griever | Still Standing Magazine
I never imagined a minor inconvenience could bring me to my knees because I was the mama who made it through the D&Es without tears. I held it together.

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