I’m Maria Pyanov. I’m also known as Silver which was my given name at birth prior to my adoption. Perhaps I should have stuck with just one name in life to avoid confusion, but what fun is that?

I’ve been married to my husband Ed since 2006. We met by chance at Creation Festival in 2005. While life hasn’t always been a fairy tale (marriage can be serious work!) our story leaves no doubt that we’re meant to be together.

I very much identify as a boy mom as we have four boys. We welcomed our oldest in 2007. We also have one daughter, our youngest.

The order of our family has left me forever identifying as a boy mom who just happens to have an awesome daughter too. Our daughter was born prematurely and with congenital health issues. Our journey to and with her has taught us to truly rest in the Lord. We may not be in control of all that our children experience, but He is.

Understanding Loss

We are also a family touched by loss which has impacted every facet of our parenting and faith. Our lost pregnancies, the unexpected passing of our foster son, and the loss of a donor-embryo-received daughter (miscarried due to trisomy 21), and two subsequent losses of other donor embryos have all changed our path in ways we never would have imagined.

We are hopeful and grateful to be welcoming our son via donor embryo in the spring of 2021.

While we wish we knew less loss, we have no doubt seen His promises throughout. We are continually thankful for peace which passes all understanding. We are thankful for hope, knowing each is waiting in perfect peace in heaven.

No “Village” Support Can Replace Jesus

My work has always been about educating and supporting moms. Ten weeks after having my oldest, I became a volunteer peer counselor for expectant and new moms.

Then I became a postpartum doula, childbirth educator, and writer for an amazing parenting website. If you’re not familiar with BellyBelly, you need to check it out.

My passion has always been to help moms feel supported and find their village. As a Christian, however, I know that no amount of “village” support can replace the peace, hope and love we have in Christ. For this reason, I’ve combined my passion for supporting moms with my faith to help point busy moms to God.

Motherhood is beautiful and filled with joy, but it’s also messy and filled with trials. If we want to be able to find the most beauty and joy in motherhood, we need to be seeking the Lord. If our eye is on God and His promises, no amount of mess and trial can hide the joy in parenting.

This blog is designed to point mom’s towards Jesus and help them find support (through connection, our books, different product suggestions, etc.). I’m not a perfect mother, but I am redeemed and thankful for grace, mercy and love throughout this journey.

If you enjoy this blog, be sure to check out my daily devotional books. They’re available free with Kindle Unlimited!